Book Review : One came home

Author: Amy Timberlake
page: 257 pages
ISBN: 978-0-375-86925-9

A journey about a girl name Georgina Burkhardt who want to find her sister (Agatha). She the one who still believing that her sister still alive despite everyone even the funeral that her family do for her sister. She still cannot believed it. she make a moved to find her sister, being taught by her grandfather about how to use rifle since young then she decided to bring the rifle as her protector. She track every last clue and shred of evidence to bring Agatha home. Yet even with resolute determination and her trusty Springfield single-shot,Georgie is not prepared for what she faces on the journey.

Imagine how come 13 year old kid being so brave and determine to find her sister.Georgie story will capture readers to read until the last page. Catchy opening phase at chapter 1 which make me wonder all the way long through this book. A lot of question and missing puzzle that you have to fill in through the journey of Georgie to find her sister.One by one the mystery will be revealed and I hate the twisted plot which I not expected it before. Will she find her sister?Agatha still alive or not?and who is the girl that they buried earlier?Will you find the answer to all the questions?Well I cannot tell you more but it is one of the book that worth to read.

Total: 21



  1. Menarik bukunya.. misteri.. Lama Sha tak baca buku BI.. nak kena mulakan..

    1. menarik kak sha..sbb tu die dapat award tu..kite beli buku bm tapi tak sempat lagi nak membacanya haha

  2. Menarik je cerita dia. tertanya pulak dia jumpa ke tak kakak dia tu? haha

    1. ha tu la..xleh bgtau la kesudahan die..tapi best la kesungguhan die cari akak die tu..dah la budak lagi

  3. Replies
    1. meanrik..lain yang kite sangka,lain pulak ending nya


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