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Book Review: When you reach me

Title:When You Reach Me
ISBN:  9780385737425
Author: Rebecca Stead
Page: 199pg 

Twelve years old Miranda and Sal have been like two sides of the same coin,they inseparable. Now everything has changed, and Miranda isn't sure why. She thinks it has something to do with Sal getting punched one day.Since, Sal hasn’t been himself, he no longer wants to hang out with Miranda and won’t say what is wrong. Miranda feels lost without her best friend. Even worse, she especially needs him now, because scary things have been happening. Someone who knows all about her is leaving cryptic notes that predict danger to someone she cares about. Is this just a game, or does Miranda truly hold the life of a loved one in her hands?

Book Review: When you reach me | At first I thought this book is a romance book because of the title then when I read the book its totally wrong. The end of this story totally insane for me. It's hard to believed and you would not expected it, like woo what is exactly happen. The author,Rebecca Stead know how to engage the reader,how every details been connected to each other in this story. A part of this story is about a mystery. You can play detective too.

  • Who is the note writer?
  • How does the note writer know Miranda?
  • What story does the note writer want Miranda to tell?
  • Where is the note writer now?
When you reach me is realistic,because it happen in a real time and place and its character are like people you might actually meet. However,the story is also science fiction, because it involves time travel, which is based in science but not yet possible. I still lost in this book..still cannot understanding the ending properly.I mean the connection between the whole story and how do they travel on time..well still questioning..overall this book suitable for primary until y8 I guess so.

Total: 19

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  1. Baca sinopsis macam menarik.. suka buku yang misteri dan memerlukan pemikiran macam ini..

    1. tp rasa macam tak masuk akal..ada a few soalan yang tak dijelaskan dalam buku ni..tapi yeah not bad la buku ni

  2. kalau sha baca buku yang tak kena dengan tajuk mesti lagi tertanya tanya

    1. betul tu..tapi oke la buku ni,die buat kite tertanya tanya apa jadi selepas tu pastu msti kite baca lagi

  3. Replies
    1. itu la..tapi rase gak macam pening sket citer die hahah


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