Millions of cats

By looking at the title you would know already about what i want to tell you guys today. This is a tale about an old man who goes off in search of the perfect cat to be a companion for him and his wife. BUT...instead of one cat, he comes back with "hundred of cats,thousand of cats, millions of cats and billions and trillions of cats!" Can you just imagine, that a such a large amount of cats, even for a cat lover like me..haha well this is a short and fun story about the addiction to cat.. It tells you how danger it can be if you keep adopting every cat that you see without thinking the consequence that you might get which could end up to trillions of cats. But...Everything turns out great with only one humble,good cat. 

Title: Millions of cats
Author: Wanda Ga'g
Publisher: Puffin books
Pages: 32
ISBN: 0142407089

Points: 1
Total: 15



  1. kat rumah ni pun ada 3 kitten yg bulat2..geram je dgn kitten gini..

    1. hahaha kan..klo yg kecik tu lagi la geram je tgk nya..ase nk picit picit je

  2. Replies
    1. hahahah yeake mcm tajuk game eh..aiyaaa nasib baik baca habis dulu

  3. ejulz kalau sekor pun dah geli apa lagi millions.. haha

  4. Pergh!! Banyak tu kucing yang dibela.. Kalau Sha tu memang nangislah.. Suka kucing tapi dari jauh je.. kikiki..

    1. suka dari jauh je hahah ni msti takot kucing ni kan

  5. Adik saya pengasuh cat kat rumah. Sesuai kalau dia baca buku ni..

  6. Kak ana seekor pun tak reti nak jaga sebab takut kena cakar. Tp kalau anak kucing berani je. Lagipun comel sgt masa tu kan.

    1. heheh cakar tu biasa la kak..uihh anak kucing la paling suka comei sgt tgk die tu

  7. TRILLION OF CATS? ohmaiiii banyak gilosss. tapi pengajaran last tu umpama macam kawan la kan. biar kawan sikit tapi baik. daripada kawan ramai ramai tapi hampeh semua hahaha.

    1. haaa sampai pon mesej tersembunyi..hahha camtu la..lebih bek ade sorang kawan yang berkualiti dari ramai kawan tp cam plastik perangai haha


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