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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Title:The Fault in Our Stars
ISBN:  9780525478812
Author: John Green

I have read this book last year but recently I read again because I need some inspiration, some motivation. I just know that I need to read this book again. This book tells a story about teens fighting cancer, who have an up and down moment.
I'm a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay? 
Its all begin with... Hazel knows she is dying of cancer, and even when she makes an instant connection with survivor Augustus Waters at a youth support group, she is determined not to start a romance with him because she afraid whether she might leave Augustus sooner or later.
This is a tearjerker dealing with dying and surviving the death of a loved one. Parents who read this book along with their teens will be particularly moved by Hazel's parents, who soothe her anxiety by telling her about their plans for after she has died 
"Even when you die, I will still be your mom, Hazel ... how could I stop loving you?"

Hi, I’m Nad.Full time librarian and part time blogger, not to mention that I develop S.O.S (save our space) The Digitalization of damaged books.


  1. Cerita ni memang best. John Green antara author kegemaran akak.

    1. john green mmg best citer die..byk yang best die buat

  2. x pernah baca tapi pernah tengok movie .. best gak.. sedih

  3. Sedihnya ayat mak dia tu..tak dapat bayangkan kalau duk dalam situasi macamni..

    1. tu la die,sbb sakit die kronik..part sedih bila kat tgh tgh..antara fav buku ni

  4. Teringin nak baca....tapi tak baca2....beli pun belum, sobs..

    1. alololo..klo x sempat g tgk movie die jela mai

  5. its totally a popular story but i just haven't read it...


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