Wonderful March Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi


This little girl having the next giveaway on this March...Yeayyyyyyy...This lovely girl choose March because its her birthday month...Happy birthday in advance dear (ini bukan bodek tau) She is very kind..a part of her speech:

It's simple, I am just hoping that this month of March will be a good month for me and all of us. I hope that things will get better for anyone who's having a hard time no matter where you are. Whenever you're having a really hard time or having problems of your own, remember that things happen for a reason and that there are more people out there who are less fortunate wishing they could be at your place. Be grateful and be thankful for what you have today. Try and help those who are around you, In shaa Allah, you'll feel a lot better. Take your time and say Alhamdulillah for the day you had today.

Hi, I’m AD. I'm a high heels librarian and part-time blogger. I love art as much as I love food. LOL.

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  1. Good luck for this GA!!! ^^ btw today is kak Ray's official birthday heheh :3

    1. hehehe moga ada rezeki...la yeakeee...baru tau 3 march

  2. Hello there. Blogwalking here dari segmen yg sama :D Good luck :)


  3. Good luck ye mama on join gak

  4. goodluck! moga2 ada rezeki. azah pun dah join jugak. hihi. :D

    jemput baca new entri azah :

  5. singgah sini balas kunjungan awak ! good luck ~

  6. singgah sini...good luck

  7. Good luck! Sy singgah follow sini dari GA yang sama ^^

  8. Hi. thnk you so much for joining. and thnk you for your wishes too. ^^ The winners will be announced soon. I am so sorry for the late update. u make me blush *tutup muka

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