[FOOD] Jusu coffee

By anakdenesor - Julai 11, 2023

Jusu coffee is a popular coffee shop located in the bustling Bukit Bintang. It is a trendy and modern cafe that offers a variety of coffee drinks and other beverages. If you looking for something new, cozy, and comfortable which can relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee this is the place.

The baristas at Jusu coffee are highly trained and knowledgeable about coffee, and they are always happy to recommend a drink that suits your taste. What sets Jusu coffee apart from other coffee shops in Bukit Bintang is its commitment to using high-quality coffee beans and providing excellent customer service. 

Jusu coffee also provides a unique experience for its customers by offering a variety of brewing methods. Customers can choose to have their coffee brewed using a pour-over method, a French press, or an AeroPress, among others. This allows customers to customize their coffee experience and find the perfect cup of coffee to suit their individual tastes. If you're a coffee lover or just looking for a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, Jusu coffee is definitely worth a visit.

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  1. tak pernah tahu pulak pasal cafe ni, nanti nak try jugak lah Jusu Coffee. Thanks share :D

  2. kat BB tu, dekat dgn sg wang ke? mn tau kalu ke sn sy bleh sggh

  3. Haven't tasted it yet.. Maybe I can try it if I find this outlet someday :)

  4. Wah.. Menarik.. Kita bookmark dulu dalam Google Maps..