[BR] The Baboons Who Went This Way and That

By anakdenesor - Julai 10, 2023

*mini review*

Title: The Baboons Who Went This Way and That: An Inspirational Tale of Courage and Unity

Author: Julia Lancaster

Rating: ★★★☆(3/5)

A man with a tree growing out of his head? A woman with children made of wax? A bird that can be milked? With more stories from his original celebration of African folktales, The Girl Who Married A Lion, let Alexander McCall Smith once again take you to a land where the bizarre is everyday and magic is real.

In her captivating children's book, "The Baboons Who Went This Way and That," Julia Lancaster delivers a heartwarming and thought-provoking tale that not only entertains but also imparts valuable life lessons to young readers.

The story follows a group of baboons living in the vast and beautiful African savannah. These baboons, known for their adventurous and curious nature, find themselves at a crossroads when their leader, Old Wise, falls ill. Faced with the uncertainty of selecting a new leader to guide them through life's challenges, the baboons become divided into opposing groups, each advocating for a different approach.

Lancaster masterfully explores the themes of courage, unity, and decision-making through an engaging narrative that keeps young readers on the edge of their seats. The author's descriptive processing all the information make it quite intriguing and the unexpected ending of each story. Despite of the interesting tales i found that some of the stories quite morbid. 

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  1. Bagus je citer ni tapi aduhaiiiiii budak-budak sekarang susuah nau nak baca buku. Dah buat mini library pun emmm gadget juga jadi minat dia. emmm last-last sediakan tumbdrive movie kartun hah tenguk le tv tu. hehehehe

  2. Buku ni banyak gambar ke? Uncle suka buku yg banyak gambar je.... hehe

  3. Comel je tajuk dia.. bacaan yang menarik..