Cukupla dahulu dengan posting posting yang gloomy,yang feeling deep,hey! kemon lah its 2017 dah..if possible just for a second please take a deep breath,pause for a while whatever yang korang buat and be thankful..yes! be thankful for the life that u get..

Its new year dear..please wake up..be a new person...let the positive aura come in..be more energetic more flexible,keep smiling..no matter how hurt that you been before..how hard your life before..i wont tell you to give up..I wont tell you that everything that you holding on is useless...I just need you to promise one thing..can you promise that you will smile?

I don't know how long it takes but eventually everything happens for a reason..sooner or later you will find it..on the moment just stay strong okeh.

p/s: Azam tahun baru ai nak pegi paris..mungkinkah tercapai?nyaaa~~~~

Hi, I’m AD. I'm a high heels librarian and part-time blogger. I love art as much as I love food. LOL.

4 Ulasan

  1. inshaaALLAH ..

    mana tau dpt p nnti kan.

    keep strong. wahh =)

  2. amboi...nak pergi paris...
    xpe..impian kdg² boleh jadi nyata...

  3. @Nieyl
    hahah..tu la lame benor da nk ke paris ha..kikiki..inshaallah..simpan duit,book tiket setahun awal hehe

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