Feel the beat Netflix Review

By anakdenesor - Julai 17, 2020


Feel the beat is about a girl named April. April Dibirna is a young dancer who wants to make it on Broadway. On her way to an important audition she steals a cab from an old lady while it's raining. April performs well during the auditions, and a big sponsor, Ruth Zimmer shows up to meet the potential dancers. Ruth Zimmer turns out to be the old lady April stole the cab from. Ruth states that she will make sure no one will ever hire April on Broadway. While trying to explain her motives, April accidentally makes Ruth fall of the stage. One of the other dancers films the incident. Afterward she tries to impress Broadway producer Welly Wong by dancing in front of him in the streets but fails as well. She is also evicted from her apartment and decides to return to her hometown New Hope in Wisconsin.


After being banished from Broadway, she decides to return to her hometown and trying her best to avoid everyone,but unfortunately she being caught by her former dance teacher Dana and being offers to teach the underdogs misfits of girls. April reluctantly accepts Barb's offer (with hidden motive) and begins a harsh training regimen that alienates the young dancers in Barb's class. I like April's character in this movie which is little bit villain but in the same time also have soft side within her. This movie turns touching, sweet, funny, and fun.I love the bonds daughter and father in this movie really touch  my heart.

You do what your gut tells you to do.
Feel the Beat works especially well as a movie that parents can enjoy with kids. A lot of surprise elements in this movie. This movie also motivate me, never give up on your dream! Never ever. As long as you can dream it,you can archive it. Pssst you should stay tuned until the end and watch the closing credits so you don't miss a street party showing off the hidden skills of the movie's supposedly non-dancing characters.


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  1. Mama baru subscribe Netflix, memang best semua cerita yang ada.

  2. dalam senarai nak tengok tapi belum ada masa lagi hehe..

  3. bolehlah sy layan bla free nnt ;-)

  4. hahaha, thank you so much anakdenesor!! I'm so glad that you get inspired by my DIYs :) Can't wait to show you more ;) By the way, interesting post! I didn't know about this Netflix series but it sounds good, hehe. Happy week! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  5. menarik juga cerita ni...boleh try tgk nnti...

  6. Not yet watched this - takut too young for me, hihihi! Tgh tengok Eternal Love, but don't know whether I am brave enough to watch till the end bcos too many trials for the lovebirds. I am too soft-hearted.

  7. Ai takde netflix tapi banyak cite best. Dah kena subscribe ke cemne ni?

  8. hi follow back here. thanks visit my blog. ad masa dtg lagi ya.


  9. I didn't watch it, it looks like a nice movie.

  10. yeah!! Syok nie tengok dengan anak-anak.. tq AD..