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Kabir Singh Review

Kabir Singh is a 2019 Indian Hindi- language romantic film written and directed by Sandeep Vanga. It is a remake of his own Telugu Arjun Reddy (2017). Jointly produced by Cine1 Studios and T-Series, the film stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani.

KABIR SINGH  (Shahid Kapoor) is a top ranked medical student from a Delhi medical school. He is clever student but facing with anger management issues. He is a type of boyfriend that aggressive and obsessive who would go to any extreme things only for his girl. It all starts when his girlfriend being forced to marry another man because of different caste. He really heartbroken and falls into self destructive spiral.

My Review
I don't even know about this movie until my friend recommend to me. It's a long story about 2hrs 52mins. How do i finished it?Well I've just watched half of the movie while waiting for my car to be serviced and continue another half of it at home. This film is not suitable to watch with kids because it contains drugs, alcohol, cigarette scene,a lot of kissing scene also violent scene. At first I'm little bit confused with the beginning of the story that shows the miserable Kabir who try to loose himself from lust. Then everything make sense when I learned about kabir's character through a long flashback.

Kabir's aggressive nature also earns him a reputation among his juniors as a college bully. There is some argument with another team college,Kabir intentionally want to leave the college but stays back after falling in love with Preeti the first year student. Kabir and his friend Shiva enter a third year classroom and announce that Kabir in love with Preeti asserting that she is exclusive to him. Intially afraid,Preeti starts to adjusting herself to Kabir's overbearing attitude. She eventually reciprocates his feelings and they develop an intimate relationship.

My friend and I been arguing about Kabir's character. As a gentleman won't simply come to the girl and declared that the girl belongs to him without asking her permission. That's unacceptable behavior according to my friend, but in my point of view it is a man like that..I mean man don't know how to express their feelings to the girl so for me the act that Kabir shown actually kinda romantic. Protecting the loves one by giving a warning to others and there is a scene when Preeti injured, Kabir seems so worried about Preeti. I can see their loves is pure.
As any movie there should be a climax plot when the relationship between Kabir and Preeti being opposed by Preeti's family and she being forced to married with another guy. Kabir went through a lot in order to try to survived and heals his broken heart. To cope with his emotions, he starts taking drugs,attempts one-night stands,get a dog and names it after Preeti and drinks alcohol: all these measures are however unsuccessful. Within months after broken heart, he becomes a successful surgeon and high- functioning alcoholic feared  by the hospital's staff members because of his high surgery count. Kabir's self-destructive behavior and refusal to move on worries Shiva and kamal (his best friends) and he is so lucky that have best friend like them who always can be countable and stay beside him all the time.Even though i read that some people offended when Shiva offered his sister to be Kabir. For me it's just a joke to cheer up Kabir. Want to know the end?you have to watch it. 

"Suffering is personal. Let him suffer"
The ending of the story makes me cry.  i give 
out of 

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    1. Ha apalagi ejul kene tgk ni..hahah tapi movie ni kategori dewasa la klo bg AD

  2. Replies
    1. kan..lain sikit la dari cerita hindustan yang biasa tu ha

  3. It has been long time I watched Hindustan film.
    Thank you for reviewing the film.

    1. I'm a fan of hindustan film..hahah coz i feel its more romantic..awww haha

  4. Your review makes me wanna watch this too. kenapa bila singgah sini baru realize tak follow lagi. I thought I've followed your blog a long time ago. Did something happened?

    1. Hahaha sila la tengok..hehe kat netflix ade.
      Yeala... i tot we already following each other.

  5. intresting movie...ending Pretti married to Kabir hehee

    1. alaa kak fuzy jangan la bagitau ending die...suka mengusik tau

  6. Film Hindustan sekarang dah makin moden dan makin best. Tak banyak lagu macam movie lama.

    1. Betul tu..kalau film yang dulu..scene die menyanyi je da berapa lama siap tuka pat lima baju lagi hahah..hindustan sekarang da matang haha

    2. tapi yang lama tetap suka gak tengok walaupun berulang kali tayang kat TV. Pernah tengok cerita Bareilly Ki Barfi x? filem baru tak baru gak lah. pun best gak..pernah keluar kat TV3 sebelum ni.

    3. Betul tu..yang lama still tengok..sebab masing masing ada daya tarikan tersendiri..tak pernah tengok lagi..wahh nak kene cari ni..heheh

  7. Lama tak tgk filem hindustan. Skrg susah nak tgk sbb ada anak kecik kan.

    1. Dah bz uruskan anak kan..takpe..kot ada masa terluang boleh layan lagi

  8. musim PKP ni mcm2 cerita boleh tengok.

  9. Segmen ejulz dah mula. Boleh semak link. Bgtau kalau ada salah k.. sponsor pun dialukan join..

  10. Baca review macam menarik je..nanti nak tengok lah.
    Done follow #423 :)

  11. lama da yaya xlayan cite hindi ni..hehe

    tq.yaya follow awk jg tau..

    1. Kan..asyik dok layan korea je sekarang, bila tgk hindi cam best pulak

  12. Nampak gaya nak tengok mobie ni kena seorang jela. Anak anak tak boleh join

  13. Kena masukkan dalam list juga ni


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