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I would like to invited everyone to join my very first GA! yeayyyy😄..I already post it at my ig and i think i should tell my beloved followers here also..Feel free to join my GA..let me tell you a little bit about my all started when i always got confused which angpau belong to that i come out with an ideas to create my own angpau..and because of overwhelming responses from my friends and my customers i decided to do my own GA.. you may go to my ig: anak_denesor if you decided to join my GA...I hope so...😄😃 and it valid until 20th of may only..soo hurry...three lucky winners will be picked!
Hi, I’m Nad.Full time librarian and part time blogger, not to mention that I develop S.O.S (save our space) The Digitalization of damaged books.


  1. all the best with the GA ... insya allah nnt kak pip join ya...

  2. Hana join nanti Inshaallah... *tunggu tau!! :3

    1. Alah.. kalau GA melibatkan insta Hana tak boleh on lah sis! T^T huhu Sorryy!!! :(

  3. Menariknya angpau buatan sendiri. Ekslusif gitu :)

  4. Fuhh nasib nampak kat sini sempat lagi nak join..Japp ehhh nak serbu IG.

  5. Oo dekat IG ye.. nnt kita join ye

  6. Akak x pandai bab 'repost', tapi dah fllw @anak_denesor (cute name!). Blh post gmbr & ig name ja, atau mesti post jg syarat2 penyertaan?

    1. hahaha omei an name kikiki..maaf lambat pulak reply..klo boleh repost semua la..syarat sekali..senang sbb info semua kat situ..kite da semak da akak punya ig..betul la tu akak wat tu

    2. Thanks! Akak dah menang! Yeay....Alhamdulillah... :D


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