Journey: Healing the pimples.

 Journey: Healing the pimples꘡First time in my life I'm having a breakout and it's really take away my confident. Honestly I'm having very healthy skin. Only got pimple whenever near to my period only. Out of nowhere suddenly my skin become like this. Gosh I'm panic of because I'm never experience it before suddenly it all over my jaw line, my cheeks. I started to get it around December, once I'm going back to my hometown and until now I'm looking for any possible solution to it.

15th Feb 2021 (today)

I'm scared, not confident to meeting people feels like don't want to go out because people like staring at my pimples only. It all started with redness only and getting worse everyday. New pimple will come out EVERYDAY. Can you imagine it. How could I'm not worried plus this is my first time handling it. Gosh, now I know how struggle people who got pimples. We are battling our own battle right.

Certain things may trigger or worsen acne: Hormonal changes. Androgens are hormones that increase in boys and girls during puberty and cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum. Hormone changes during midlife, particularly in women, can lead to breakouts too

Since that day (december) I'm keep searching what kind of product that makes my face become like that because my routine for skincare still same. My first guess is the moisturizer that used. I just try the new one from Inkey  who have Vitamin BCA and E. Maybe because it have Vitamin B who my face could not tolerate with, so I stop using it for 2 weeks to see any improvement to my skin. Nope! my skin still same, red and new small pimples comeout.

Even though it didn't showing any result to my face after I stop using it, I'm not continue using it. The remaining of the moisturizer i used at my foot LOL. Don't waste it hahah. Now i replace my moisturizer Pink by pb. I don't want the same mistake happens again, so this time i'm doing skin patch test before apply it to the whole face.


  • Choose an accessible and clear patch of skin to test whatever the product is. I'm putting at a few spot such as behind my ears, inner tight at my armpit area and my neck.
  • apply a small amount of the product to the skin
  • monitor it for 24  hours. (but I'm doing it for one week)
  • If no rash or irritation then it safe to put at your face,

Then while i'm continue my searching journey I also distracted by peeling pad by pink, Peeling pad can be used everyday but if you using normal peeling chemical or mask it advisable to limit it 2 or 3 times per week only. Now it been one week using it didn't show any irritation so i guess it works.

Then i kept searching for any possibility that causes my face to breakout. I just doing the 4 basic skincare which is Cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunblock. So one down then 3 to go but before this i never having allergic or what while using sunblock so I don't think it would cause it. So I don't care about it. Then I keep researching what would cause the breakout, like the symptoms, how long it would take, which area usually it happens. Know what all the symptoms I'm currently dealing with it and that's kinda makes no sense.

Then perhaps yeah my hormone messed up with me, so I'm ordering EPO (evening primrose oil) you can get it from pharmacy. First night I eat it I saw some improvement, it started to shrink but the happiness not last long. It only showed the result for first day. The second day still same, go back as usual rash, new pimples, and sometimes it's itchy. You have to be patient okay, you don't aspect miracle would happen in a day, i kept eating the EPO until now, anyway it help me with my period. I'm using EPO from blackmores. So I just take EPO and Vitamin C as supplement. Vitamin C i took it like ages. so should not be any issues with it.😁

As usual, every night I will do homework about what is good and what is bad for breakout skin. Then actually a lot of dermatologist suggest that using RETINOL. I was like what the heck is that. Actually the main purposes of using retinol is to prevent wrinkles but surprisingly retinoids can unclog pores, allowing other medicated creams and gels to work better. They also reduce acne outbreaks by preventing dead cells from clogging pores. By clearing acne and reducing outbreaks, they may also reduce the formation of acne scars. A lot of them suggesting DIFFERIN but i'm trying retinol from the ordionary Granactive retinoid 2% emulsion

This could be my fav so far! It really shows what it claim it can be done. Unclog the pore and it did shrink my pimples but could dry your skin a bit. What i did is using "sandwich technique" which layer your face with moisturizer then put retinol the again put the moisturizer. I'm only using it at night because it would enhance sensitivity skin to sun. It did what I want but the main point is pimple still keep going on. Don't lose hope. I will continue using it every night, anyhow it help sooth my skin.

I even change my lifestyle, make sure every 3 days will change my towel, my bedsheet. Eat a lot of fruits, eating healthy food, stop oily food and add on veges. Workout 10 minutes daily (but if i'm lazy will make sure at least 3 days per week) Still can't find any close solution to my situation until i'm having a chat with my friend. She shaklee dealer, I want to know the price for vitamin C then I also ask her what should I do about my face, then she asking me what kind of product that i use and kaching!!! i'm nearer to find my solution to my skin! She also have been in my spot before because we both use same product! Damn! but she's even worse before this even need to go meet the dermatologist. The thing that I tot I no need to change, the toner and facial wash. Damn. before this i'm using simple then I felt like bored then I change to MARY KAY. I have been used that facial wash before but I stop because of the high price. Then just lately I change it again to MARY KAY and I bought cleanser and toner. The only thing that I tot no need to change.Sighhhhh *Well different people different skin situation, perhaps just I'm not suitable with this product.


Then went to pharmacy and buying cetaphil cleanser and using neutogena as toner, I have been using that for 2 days, and today surprisngly I wake up with no more rash and no more red pimples! I was like shit! I have been try and error so many things turn out that product not suitable with my skin and when I'm recall back december is the time when I change to MK. Duhh if I knew it earlier, but I still monitoring  my skin how it goes and will give feedback after a month using it..Really hope that it will cure everything. I have watched tons of youtube videos about pimples and yes, different people different reaction, so some might workout some not. I prayed that everything gonna be okay after this.









  1. Hi Anak dinasour!

    I hope your uninvited friends (acne) stay away from you.
    As someone who is having serious acne problem for ..(lupa dah..)..8 tahun! since end 2011, I do feel you.
    Good news is! I am acne breakout free for a year now - few hormonal acne kat Jaws, tapi Ema guna differin pun dah ok.

    Harap produk yang Nad pakai tu berkesan. It takes time, but I hope it worth it.
    For my personal suggestion, cari active ingredient - salicylic acid, niacinamide or lactic acid for acne.

    Ni skincare routine Ema if you are interested to read 👉🏻

    1. aah ema betul tu yg peeling pad tu ade salicylic asid the yg moisturizer tu ade niacinamide..hope berkesan la

  2. masalah besar kalau ada jerawat walau satu kat wajah kita

  3. wahh pasni sure makin jeliter rupamu kan anak deneasor.. hehehe

  4. hehe baru tau pasal skin patch test tu.Boleh la suggest dekat adek buat mcm ni dlu sebab kulit dia sensitif bnyk jerawat. Mcm iena Alhamdulillah skin tak banyak masalah

    1. betul..sangat membantu sebenarnya..dulu degil xnak buat..skrg baru nk buat

  5. mask acne ka ni ? is it ? alamakkkk its not only take our confident away ,tapi sakittt !!!! huhuhu .. i hope it go away.. and if its mask acne make sure u pakai yg kain la, handmade punyaaa.....

    1. bukan..reaction kepada product tu..ado den terangkan kat far wfh je dear

    2. fuhh sakit wuaaaaaa..amin..hope okay la..sbb stop da MK terus pkai cetaphil..mujur elok

  6. Sweetnya botol cream tu.. memang gambar dia macam tu eh..
    Harapnya cepatlah hilang jerawat AD..

  7. AD..shida pernah ada masalah yg sama dulu lama dah..sebabnya satu ja shida salah guna produk..habis breakout muka xtau nk ckp cmne..hampir sebulan biar muka xpakai any skin care..and last someone intorduce cosmoderm..smpai skg dah 7 tahun pkai..muka dah bersih! jerawat naik time nk period saja..slowly dia merawat!

  8. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts on these products. It is so helpful knowing what works and what doesn't!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  9. tula..Cuya pun ada masalah sama...uhuks

    papepon...giveaway CUya kembali! jom joinn

  10. moga cepat hilang jerawat nya tu!! :D

  11. Hope you'll get better, Nad. Maybe boleh tambahkan anti inflammatory food dalam diet untuk atasi masalah Nad ni.

  12. Semoga kembali pulih masalah acne AD. Aaminn


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