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By anakdenesor - Januari 26, 2021

Hye gus!Have you heard about follett desitny?It's one of the  search catalog (OPAC) that we use in international school. For university OPAC they normally use ILMU. (ala, nak bagi senang klo angpa semua pi library, akan ada satu komputer yang untuk search buku atau thesis, ha tu la dipanggil OPAC stand for online public access catalogue)

So today i will show you the tutorial how to search and borrow book from a library.

Follett Destiny Library Manager is a complete library management system that allows librarians and administrators keep thorough, real-time track of a library's inventory and media assets and gives students a fun means of discovery and reading.


Step 1: Open the link

·        Open the Destiny Discover link using your mobile phone or tablet



Location please leave it to any location and key in your school name.  

Please obtain the username and password from librarian


Step 2: Browse the collections

·         Recently Added Books: Lets you view the newest 15 books that have been added to your collection.

·         Popular Titles: Displays the 10 most popular books read at your school.

·         Topics: Shows topics or genres (such as fairy tales, biography, sports), which you can select to perform a predefined search.

·         eBooks: Includes all eBooks in your collection.


Step 3: Navigate Destiny Discover

You can start discovering your library's resources right from the homepage.

Note: You can use the Main menu drop-down to access My Stuff (Checkouts, Holds, Fines, Favorites, History).

Step 4: Navigate search results.


Search results are organized by tabs:

·        Books: Includes all print books and other physical materials, as well as eBooks, audiobooks and interactive eBooks.

·        Collections: Includes groups of curated resources from Collections by Destiny® that are shared with your school or district.

·        Websites: Includes links to web resources (from WebPath Express).

·        Databases: Contains links to free and subscription databases (from One Search).

·        Open Educational Resources (only available in the Standard version of the user interface): Contains links that give educators access to teaching and learning resources.


Step 5: View your checkouts

When you select Main menu iconand then Checkouts or My Stuff > all your checked-out resources appear.


Note: Checked-out resources include those checked out with Follett destiny



 Hope you enjoy it😁


















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  1. ni tutorial nak pinjam atau beli buku library?

    1. yang ni untuk students pinjam buku dan boleh check sama ada kite ade fines tak sebab lambat pulang buku.

  2. no idea what is this tutorial about, but thank you for sharing :)

    1. hehehe sorry xde intro pon kan..okeh dah update da intro mengenai apa.heheh pasal sistem yang digunakan di library

    2. hahaha thank youuuuu finally paham

  3. rajin ko buat posting ni hahaha..aku tak pernah guna follet. dari dulu softlink Alice pastu tukar softlink oliver still company sama

  4. Sangat menarik virtual library macam ni. Peminat buku mesti suka ada interaktif apps macam ni. Nice lah.

    1. tapi cabaran besar nak suruh diaorg pinjam ebook..depa x mo